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West Bengal wins ‘Rasgulla War’ against Odisha | India News

| Nov 14, 2017, 14:03 IST

NEW DELHI: West Bengal today won its two-year-long ‘Rasgulla War’ against Odisha.

Both states claimed to have invented the dessert, but it was West Bengal that obtained the ‘Geographical Indications of Goods Registration’ (GI) tag for it. That officially makes the rasgulla a Bengali invention.

The GI tag ensures that only registered and authorised users make use of a product name.

The ‘Rasgulla War’ began in September 2015, after the Odisha government began celebrating ‘Rasgulla Diwas”, or ‘Rasgulla Day’, on the day that a festival called ‘Ulto Ratha’ falls.

Odisha said that according to legend, the goddess Lakshmi is annoyed when her husband Jagannatha leaves her alone at home during the ‘ratha yatra’. She then refuses to allow him in. To appease her, he presents her a bowl of rasgullas. This is the origin of the dessert, said Odisha.

Not possible, said West Bengal. It claimed that rasgulla is made of curdled milk which has always been considered ‘impure’ and was never an offering to the gods. So, there’s no way it was offered by Jagannatha to Lakshmi.

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